Now located in Johnson City, TN, Sifted Wheat Promotions, formerly known as New Vision Marketing Systems out of Tennessee, has come forth out of this struggle of pain and confusion.....and it's been a minute by minute, hour by hour slow crawl kinda struggle just to get to the daily walk, but I’m still falling here-n-there kind of struggle, just now beginning to see that I can make it, and I am sure that a lot of you who visit or end up working with us can understand this! For me, I think this all had to happen so that I could come to the knowledge that He has not left My side, He is always present to deal with these things because He gave his life for Me, even unto death, thereby providing the Grace and Power we need by his Holy Spirit to overcome every hurt and pain that will ever try to shut us down or stop us in any way and I wanna go all the way! We must keep fighting, keep overcoming, and continue the work necessary to accomplish our goals & dreams. WE MUST LEARN TO STAND, unshaken, undeterred by the situations we face!


As for Me, I’m just a simple gal seeking my adventure and purpose in the world, hoping to share some love and light wherever I can.

Born in Chicago and raised in East TN., I have learned that the road can be rough, really rough, but it can also be easy (Gotta Love a lil’ Tina Turner). I tend to be more of a homebody mostly (not because of Covid) but over the years, finding myself needing some kind of issue resolved, I came to understand that I have a real knack for the techy things of this world.

Like all others, I face challenges, have pains and heartaches. I get lost and honestly, I don’t think I have found myself yet LOL, and I’ll be 45 this year (2021). I can just hear some of you saying, “but you’re still so you”…..OK, I’ll take that!! But one thing I do know, is there are others feeling this same way……wanting to accomplish something, be successful at something and just can’t figure out how to do it, so that Is truly why we have a mind to be successful and to help serve others. It’s what I’ve always done in one way or another (Luke 22:31-32, NIV, AMP)

This started me on my journey to find what success meant and…. In 2007 - New Vision Marketing Systems was born.

Solely a technology-based company, whose main product was website design & marketing, with a focus on building your presence and your brand online, I created a space where people could express themselves, share their ideas, make money and invite others to do the same. But of course, life has a way of trying to take over your plans, cut you out of your dreams and make you settle for less. I found myself yet again, needing to have an issue resolved. Only this time, it seems to have stuck with me………..My heart hurts. In 2015 I ended up making a move to live in the state of SC to be closer to my family and it did not turn out the way I planned or even expected it would. See I was used to “wanting” to get rid of my problems, not ever learning to live with them and work your way through life in spite of them, at least that’s what I was basically taught…… Keep the peace… don’t cause a ruckus, fight back or say anything that would make you be looked at as too challenging or argumentative, yadda, yadda, yadda…….I mean people don’t like that right???

Long story short….after all of that confusion, stress, pressure, and many attempts to just give up on ME……..I am still here and doing the work, building the life and creating the dreams of my mind, running the business I wanted and I want to help you do the same. No one tells us anymore that it’s ok to hurt sometimes, but dream on anyway.

This is why Sifted Wheat Promotions was created! Taking Jesus' example, I'm boldly confessing that for Me and for You there is Glory to be had and shared on the other side of the pain. We can and will be victorious!!

And from this fight from the confusion of Our existence, I want to:

#buildyourdigitalhouse (so you can have your own)

#promomypain (because you just might understand)

#myfeethurt (from the journey)

#helpmyunbelief (because I need to understand)

#AndStilliRise (because You are More than A Conqueror)

You’ll find that we provide a wider range of services here at Sifted Wheat Promotions, all suited to meet your business

and your life ambitions right where they need to.

Thank you for taking the time to connect with me here! It is my aim and firm commitment in everything to be my most

authentic self and I strongly encourage you to do the same!

Because You are a Chosen People - 1 Peter 2:4-10 NIV

Because it’s Your time ….. Get ready……. People need what is inside of you. - Luke 22:32

May you be richly blessed!

With Faith Hope & Love,

Nichole Bell

Owner of Sifted Wheat Promotions, LLC

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